Collaboration agreements with schools Decorators, Interior Designers and Architects

In recent months the AMC has held meetings with representatives of national Associations of Decorators and Interior Designers and Architects of Spain, seeking ways of collaboration for mutual advice and improvement of quality standards in the design and construction of spaces of common interest. As a result of these meetings, They were signed in the framework of the exhibition space Kitchen SICI various agreements signed, both the General Council of Official Colleges of Decorators and Interior Designers of Spain (CGCODDI) As with the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain (CSCA).

Among the main areas of action agreed in the pact with the CGCODDI is promoting activities with AMC with the Official School of Interior and Decoration, after bringing professionals working methods of associated manufacturers to AMC to make it easier to enter the labor market, collaborate with AMC in their professional relationship in order that the kitchen is considered from the beginning of the project and have the prominence it deserves as one of the main rooms of the home, and promote among collegiate training sessions design techniques and routes by companies associated, where they will visit factories, show-rooms, etc.

While in the agreement signed with the CSCAE, guidelines have been established to develop working groups and technical committees, in order to improve the flow of communication between the two entities and jointly seek optimization design planning regarding household kitchens. Through these workshops, It seeks to establish minimum standards in the kitchens to be installed in the works, having some technical peculiarities that satisfy all stakeholders in the process chain purchase them, and debug problems that we are building.