Kitchen space will host SICI 2019 a Forum on Innovation in the marble sector

Five Spanish Marble discuss innovation during the celebration of Espacio Cocina SICI 2019, Thursday 31 January at 16:00 hours, coinciding with the celebration of the fair Cevisama in Valencia.

the initiative, Stone organized by Focus in collaboration with Feria Valencia, shall constitute theI Forum Marmolistas-SICIwhich will bring together Antonio Perez, CEO of Marmolería Pefersa (Cantabria), Javier Lujan, Marbles partner in Luján (Murcia), Manuel García, Marble and Granite partner Garbel (Zaragoza), Juanfran Santamaría, Marbles manager Santamaría (Valencia) Casellas y Mª Ángeles, consejero delegated Marble Casellas (Girona).

Those responsible for these five processing workshops address topics such as innovation in kitchens, new challenges in the manufacture and installation of countertops, machinery and tools, trends, and various current issues related to the sector. The symposium will be moderated by Marisa Carrio, editor of the digital newspaper

Marble Pefersa It is a leading company in the manufacture of kitchen countertops. Born in 1989 hand brothers Jose Vidal and Antonio Pérez Fernández. Based in Cartes (Cantabria), currently it has facilities in more than 3.000 m2 in which they work more than 25 professionals.

Luján Marbles, based in San Gines (Murcia), focuses much of its business in the Community of Madrid. At present there are three brothers who manage the company, which founded its parent ago 35 years- a staff of 30 workers and an average manufacturing 15 daily countertops.

Marbles and granites Garbel is an Aragonese founded in marmolería 1955. In the beginning, the main activity of the company focused on the development of stone as funerary art. Garbel currently has 2.500 m2 dedicated to the manufacture of countertops and storage. Furthermore, It has an exhibition in the center of Zaragoza over 300 m2.

Santamaría marbles is a family company Museros (Valencia) that began in 1982. With a team of 13 people, one of the strengths of this Valencian marmolería is specialized in manufacturing kitchen countertops innovation.

Marble Casellas Girona has its origins in the hand of Jaume Casellas Pairó in 1930. The activity continued with their children until Pichon Casellas Ramón (1910-1967), he moved to Figueres where he held the same office and where machining shop installed the first stone and marble, that Regento until his death. Their children, Joaquín Ramón Casellas and Pellicer, They expanded the facilities and change the corporate name of Sons of Ramon Casellas, SL. Administrators currently are the children of Joaquim Casellas: M. Angels and Joaquim Casellas and Hurtós. Four generations and a history of more than 120 years.

The meeting will take place in Agora SICI, located in Hall 6-3 Space Kitchen SICI and will be freely accessible by invitation.

The Hashtag to be used for the call will be#foromarmolistassici