The Iconic model with reduced dimensions and ease of installation, it’s a synthesis of modernity, simplicity and aesthetics of technologicalgadget. Designed as a “prêt-à-porter ‘object, the user acquires a recirculation hood, ready to go and use. Iconic brings personality and freshness to the kitchen. Available in different colors and finishing, built in a curvedaluminum body it is designed to make of a cooker hood a dynamic element allowing support tablets, hook magnets or directly write on its surface with a marker.


Donna is a new aesthetic concept available in two formats island and wall. Its design consists of acylindrical steel tube wrapped partially by an outer garment inSolid Surface that sinuous and sensually embraces the core ofthe hood. Donna goes beyond the pure functionality demand of a hood but becomes a sophisticated and elegant ‘object’ of decoration.


Space model renews the essence of a very successful Frecanhood from the 80’s. ‘15 Space made in Solid Surface and stainlesssteel offers a soft, clean design and compact design. The model will be available in wall and island versions.


The model is a fully backlit cooker hood – lamp through a new system of LED strips and conductive surface of the light that makes that once lit creates an atmosphere lighting with Halo effect. Halo is a lamp cooker hood with high performance level of aspiration. Design and functionality going hand by hand.


“Safe Space Concept” the new concept for built-in hoods … Up&Downhas been developed throughout the model Vetro-klinone of the most successful hoods of the company but providing a very important new development; the hood motor is deferred; placed on top of the cabinet, allowing a saving of space up to 60% in the lower part of the cabinet.

NITRO 360º

“Concept 360º” the new installationsystem ceiling hoods … With rotatable flat fan of 1000m3 the motor can be fully addressable; 360º simplifying installation and piping connections. In addition with this new model Frecan launches the FRECAN APP –  An app for smartphones that allow the user to control the hood from his/her mobile phone, as well as providing technical and user information.