1.- This Web Site Ownership

International Trade Fair of Valencia (Fair hereinafter Valencia) residing in Valencia, Avenue fairs, s / n and CIF Q-4673004-J, is the owner of this website released under the domain, This Web Site onwards, and makes it available to Internet users, with the purpose of providing information on services, news, presentations, etc. Kitchen space of the contest and to allow the provision of services through this Web Site.

2.- Terms of Use and Acceptance thereof

These general conditions of use of the website along with the general conditions of contract for services rendered in the same, and any other special conditions which may be, They aim to regulate and inform users of the services of Feria Valencia and regulation of use of this Web Site.

Navigation and use of the portal services imply acceptance as a user without reservations of any kind, of all the general conditions of use, general terms and conditions and any others that may exist regarding the provision of Feria Valencia.

Feria Valencia may at any time and without notice, modify these general conditions, as well as the general conditions of contract and general conditions included by publishing the aforementioned modifications on the website so that they are known in advance by users.

3. Minors

kitchen space and the contents of this website are aimed at older 16 years. Ticket request through this Website is restricted to under 16 years.

5. Cookies policy

Cookies are small files that websites, online stores, intranets, online platforms like the, stored in the user's browser that are necessary to visit and contribute to web browsing countless advantages in providing interactive services.

The cookies used on the website have, in any case, temporary and disappear when the user session. In no case shall the cookies be used to collect personal information. The following information about possible types of cookies helps to better understand the functions that make it possible:

Session Cookies: They are temporary cookies that remain in the space of cookies on your computer until you close your browser, so that none is recorded in the user's disk. Information obtained through these cookies serves to enable operational management with each of the users who are accessing simultaneously to the web.

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Cookies can be used to:

technical purposes: They are also called "strictly necessary". Allow the user navigation using a website, platform or application and use of different options or services it exist as, for example, control traffic and data communication, identify the session, access restricted parts, remember the elements of an order, make the buying process an order, make the request for registration or participation in an event, use security features while browsing, store content for broadcast video or sound or share content via social networks.

Personalization: They make it possible for each user to configure aspects such as the language in which you want to view the website, display formats, etc.

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Advertising: Implement efficiency parameters allow advertising offered on websites.

behavioral advertising: Implement efficiency parameters allow advertising offered on websites, I based information on user behavior obtained through continued observing their browsing habits, allowing develop a specific profile to display ads based on the same.

6. Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial

Feria Valencia is the owner of the property (shared with partners) of all intellectual property rights and industrial:

(a) This website published under the domain

(b) All material published on this website (including, without limitation, texts, images, Photographs, drawings, music, marks or logos, structure and design of the composition of each of the individual pages that make up the entire site, color combinations, source codes of programs generating the page layout, software necessary for its operation, access and use), except material third party owners who have authorized their inclusion on this website.

7. License

Feria Valencia granted a universal license, nonexclusive, Free use and revocable at any time to:

(a) visualize this site and all material published on it (including third party material) using a computer or mobile device via a web browser.

(b) copy and store a copy of this website or / and all the material published in the, in the cache of your web browser.

(c) print pages through a physical device (printer-paper) the virtual device (Printer-pdf) Forever and wherever, unique and exclusively, for personal and private use [and not have intended to commercial use]

(d) view and download documents (jpg o pdf) published on this website intended for this purpose

We do not authorize any other right on this site or on the material published on it (including third party material). This means that all rights are reserved.

We do not authorize any other right on this site or on the material published in the. any other type of reproduction is prohibited without the permission of Feria Valencia

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The links established must be made to the home page of this website or, if applicable, to that which the Feria Valencia itself set.

If in doubt you, as a visitor to our site you understand and agree that: You can not adapt, Edit, change, to transform, to post, re-publish, to distribute, re-distribute, any type of broadcast or rebroadcast by waves or other transmission technology, show in public or private places by using elements of vision or community hears this website or the material published in the (regardless of file type or element) without our prior written permission.

8. No Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Feria Valencia does not control, at all times, the use that users make of this website, in this sense, is not responsible for the acts, breach of the provisions of this document, They were able to make the users of the same.

You acknowledge and agree that the use of this website and its services is at your own risk. Feria Valencia will only be liable for any damages the User may suffer as a result of using the portal when such damages are attributable to fraudulent action of Feria Valencia. However, Feria Valencia states have adopted all the necessary measures, within its capabilities and state of technology, to ensure the functioning of this website and avoid the existence and transmission of viruses and other components that could harm the user.

However, Feria Valencia does not guarantee the absence of viruses on this site or the server that supplies or, Likewise, any other elements that may cause alterations in the user's computer system acts third, or the establishment by unauthorized third parties Hyperlinks.

Feria Valencia can not guarantee the accuracy of their content or the continuity of the same reserves the right to make changes or modifications thereof unilaterally, Total or partially, and terminate or suspend access when deemed.

The user can access, through links, pages of information or services offered by third. Operations the user can perform or information you can find, They are the responsibility and force, where appropriate, the user and the owner of the landing page, Feria Valencia declining any responsibility.

However, for cases where the regulations provide the possibility of the parties to submit to jurisdiction, Feria Valencia and User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, They undergo the Courts of Valencia.

9. External Links

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