Design to improve the health and well-being of people and homes

Today, Feria Valencia hosted the innovative International Interior Design Forum on the role of design in improving health and well-being in our homes, which was attended by the psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos and the paleontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga.

The Habitat Federation of Spain calls for measures to guarantee energy supply at competitive costs and promote transformation, modernization and growth of companies, in a ceremony held today at Feria Valencia

Habitat contests, Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar and Espacio Cocina SICI will close tomorrow after another day of smooth attendance by professional visitors and the holding of multiple events and conferences.

Valencia, 22 September 2022.- Feria Valencia today hosted one of the highlights of the extensive program of events planned with the celebration of Feria Hábitat València, Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar and Kitchen Space SICI. Organized by the Official Association of Decorators and Interior Designers of the Valencian Community and the Valencia World Design Capital 2022, the Feria Valencia Events Center has celebrated the International Interior Design Forum (FAITH) with the presence of more than 500 professionals from the sector and the presence of eminent figures from the scientific field such as the prestigious psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos and the paleontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga. Both have approached the relationship between design and health from two different points of view. Rojas Marcos established a parallelism in how a friendly and comfortable environment influences our state of mind and health, which related as a “a state of complete physical well-being, mental y social”. In this sense, "the light, the climate and the immediate environment are fundamental for health”, explained and gave as an example how “Furniture facilitates communication” and how the pandemic has sparked a heightened interest in our comfort, something that the doctor related to the concept of well-being “which is something immediate. Happiness is something of the future, but comfort is today”, pointed.

Meanwhile, Juan Luis Arsuaga has made a paleontological tour in which he has shown how from the first species of hominids, beauty and static has been intrinsically related to our condition of being human. For the prestigious Spanish paleoanthropologist, “design and image is in itself a declaration of principles, a form of language. In this sense, humans are the only species that detects beauty”. For the scientific director of the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos and one of the world's leading specialists in his field, "Our ancestors already adorned their immediate habitat and their surroundings" to configure a habitable environment in which "function did not impede aesthetics".

Together with the expected interventions of these two specialists, the Forum was completed with two round tables that have had the participation of specialists from different fields such as the journalist and art historian Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, The architect Julia Capella, the neurobiologist Mara Dierssen, Ana Lluch Professor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia and the architect Benedetta Tagliabue, that have delved into the influence of materials over time and the well-being and effects of spaces on people's health. The Forum has been inaugurated by the president of the Diputación de València, Tony Gaspar.

The Habitat Federation of Spain calls for measures to guarantee energy supply at competitive costs

On the other hand, the Habitat Federation of Spain (FHdE),today asked the public administrations for aid to guarantee the electricity and gas supply at competitive international costs and measures that facilitate the transformation, modernization and growth of the sector. The FHdE has taken stock and has presented its roadmap for 2023 within the framework of Feria Habitat Valencia. Together with the representatives of the Federation and its eight member entities, The presentation was attended by the General Director of Industry, Gutierrez rooster, in charge of closing the event; the regional secretary for Industry, Empar Martínez and the professor, José Pla Barber, yearbook author.

The president of the Habitat Federation, Jose Ramon Revert, against the current international context, During his speech, he requested that the Public Administrations delve into energy measures within the framework of the possibilities established by the European community to guarantee the supply of gas and electricity at competitive international costs, accompanied by auxiliary measures to support the gas-intensive sectors hardest hit. Meanwhile, the general director of industry, Gutierrez rooster, has congratulated the Federation for “the initiative of having grouped an entire sector globally because in this way they gain knowledge and strength in all their movements”. A sector characterized by its dynamism and openness to the outside world, as has been shown these days during the celebration of the Habitat Fair, in Valencia. The Habitat Federation of Spain as a whole has demanded facilities in the access of the Industry to the Transversal Ministerial Programs and PERTES of Circular Economy, Decarbonization and Integral Cycle of Water and, negotiating with Brussels, the increase in the current limits on state aid. Looking ahead to the next three years, The Federation requests that investment in modernization of the Industry be encouraged through the free amortization of equipment, machinery, technologies and facilities, compensating where possible tax revenues with European loans, as an anti-crisis measure, facilitating greater self-financing.

Taking advantage of the largest exposure in Spain in the sector, The Federation has officially presented, On He lives in the Mediterranean – Directory 2021. A document that highlights the work and achievements that the sector has achieved in the past year, as well as the threats and challenges it faces to continue growing competitively. Facing the challenges of the immediate future, José Pla Barber, yearbook author, define 3 major strategic axes: Restructuring and resilience of the value chain, Digitization and Industry 4.0 and environmental and social sustainability. the yearbook, has been developed in collaboration with the company Jori & Armengol.

morning, last day of the Fair waiting for Patricia Urquiola

The contests have lived today another intense day of work full of acts, presentations and presence of personalities, as the famous international designer Monica Armani, which has presented a new line of mattresses, or the television Mickey Nadal and the actor Paul Puyol, who have dared to perform a live cooking demonstration. The level of audience affluence, Feria Valencia has experienced once again what is already its third day of outstanding attendance by both national and international professionals who make, even, anticipate that the organization's occupancy forecasts will improve.

Friday morning, The contests will remain open until 18:00 hours, with which professionals who have not attended Feria Valencia will still have the opportunity to visit the offer of the more than a thousand brands present and exhibitions as relevant as the monograph of the Valencian designer Vincent Martinez or the disruptive sample of young design nude lounge. Tomorrow, Friday, presentations are also scheduled to be held, such as the Habitat Trends Observatory and the long-awaited presence at the Andreu World stand of the well-known Asturian designer based in Milan Patricia Urquiola, one of the most important creative talents in international design in recent decades.