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The secret of low temperature cooking, present in Space Kitchen – SICI.

There are many cooking techniques that adapt to the trend 'foodie’ put on the table dishes full of flavor combinations that offer a different dining experience. Steaming or using vacuum cooking are, definitely, a sign of the increasingly widespread convert food into a pleasure for the senses taste. Reasons explain how are you to install a module pack in vacuum cooking is becoming more common. Sous vide cooking requires time: lower temperatures are used conventional controlled and constantly during the time required for each recipe. Having an oven cooking program like this vacuum furnace model NEFF makes everything simple and delicious. Meanwhile, specific cooking bags should allow high resistance to temperatures up to 100 ° C.

Although there are different types of bags, the vacuum packaging module already includes NEFF 100 plastic bags (50 large and 50 little) that preserve food and fluids, preserving them and keeping them air more times both at room temperature, as refrigeration or freezing.

In addition to wring every nuance of flavor, vacuum packing food using the vacuum packaging module NEFF allows keeping food fresh for longer, It is becoming a very useful technique for those who must schedule in advance your weekly menu. As usual foods like chicken or hake only last 3 days in a sealed container, while vacuum can last up to a week without freezing. So that, packaging individual food rations is easier than ever.

From 28 th January to 1 st February, the chance to experience this feeling of cooking thanks to the steam oven and vacuum module will be possible in the NEFF Experience in Space Kitchen Area - SICI. A new way to enjoy a mojito or tataki tuna false, through live demonstrations.

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