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Pavilion 6 Ágora to  be venue for presentations on trends by IKEA, Cosentino, Xey and Habitissimo.

The programme will feature lectures, cooking demonstrations by Franke and Whirlpool and an ‘after work’ meeting with AMC, sponsored by Indaux.

The fair will also be running a New Products Forum for exhibitors to show off their latest innovations.

Valencia, 6th February 2017.- Espacio Cocina – SICI, which takes place from 20th to 24th February, is putting the finishing touches to a full-on programme of parallel events that will look at the role of the kitchen in the home from a number of different perspectives, as well as the trends that will mark design in kitchen equipment and in the home in general. This review will take the form of a programme of talks, workshops, technical seminars  and cooking demonstrations in a special space in Pavilion 6 that is being named the Ágora’.

One of the most noteworthy events on the programme is a global first: the presentation of the research into trends carried out by Cosentino. The company will be revealing the results of the research into the outlook for the future of domestic kitchens on the morning of Tuesday 21st February. The project is part of the ‘Global Kitchen’ initiative and consisted of a survey of 600 kitchen showrooms in Spain carried out by the Silestone Institute.

Another highlight is the participation of Swedish multinational IKEA, which is appearing at Espacio Cocina SICI. IKEA will be running a workshop in conjunction with the Habitissimo platform and kitchen furniture company XEY, to discuss changes in consumer purchasing patterns and how they translate in the sales channel.

The Ágora will also be the setting for presentations such as the Bathroom and Kitchen Market Observatory facilitated by Aseban, AIDIMME and Arvet and the workshop on innovations in surface finishes and treatments, tools for designing kitchens + 3D Printing in the context of kitchens. These sessions will be co-ordinated and moderated by the AIDIMME Institute of Technology, which helps the fair arrange the programme of events.

 Cooking demonstrations. Cooking live

 It is only right that a kitchen show includes cooking. Live. Courtesy of companies such as Franke and Whirlpool, the Ágora in pavilion 6 will be turned into a kitchen for eminent chefs who will give a number of demonstrations of cutting edge Mediterranean cooking over the five days the fair runs for. Also, the industry’s trade association, AMC, has chosen this space to host a get-together on Wednesday afternoon, in collaboration with  hardware manufacturer Indaux, for its members and for professionals in the trade. The event will be a relaxed, ‘after work’ style evening with live music.

Solidarity also has a part to play at Espacio Cocina SICI, which is hosting the awards ceremony for the Des(ign) Ability Competition, which recognises the kitchen that has the best adaptations for the disabled. The competition is organised by Cosentino and Pino Cocinas & Baños.

Visitors will also be able to attend events that have been arranged by exhibitors themselves such as the Inalco showroom in Colón Market, the virtual reality demonstrations on the Delta Cocinas stand and the meeting and drinks reception hosted by Dequm Accessories, amongst many others that will be confirmed over the next few days.

New Products Forum

The fair has set up a special showcase area next to the  Pavilion 6 Ágora where exhibitors can display both products and materials that fulfil criteria set by AIDIMME regarding sustainability or innovation. The New Products Forum will also include novel products from PROMAT, which runs in parallel with Espacio Cocina – SICI and Cevisama from 22nd February. The Forum is located in the link-way between the main entrance to the North Forum and the exhibition area in Pavilion 6.

Espacio Cocina – SICI’s entire programme of events is part of the overall ‘See You in Valencia 2017’ initiative, which encompasses the kitchen fair, Cevisama and PROMAT. This means that professionals visiting Espacio Cocina – SICI will also be able to visit the other two fairs and attend their events.

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Monday 20th February

11:00. –  Bathroom and Kitchen Markets Observatory. Organisers: ASEBAN, AIDIMME and ARVET.

Tuesday 21st February

12:00. – Presentation of Global Kitchen research by Silestone. The outlook for the future of the domestic kitchen. Moderator: AIDIMME.

13:00. – Award ceremony for Des(ign) Ability Competition. Cosentino + Pino Cocinas & Baño

14:30.– Cooking demonstration by Whirlpool

Wednesday 22nd February

12:00.- ‘Multi-channel Distribution Models’ Workshop. IKEA, Habitissimo and Xey. Moderator: AIDIMME

14:00.– Cooking demonstration by Whirlpool

16:30.- Cooking demonstration by Franke

18:00.- AMC meeting. Event sponsored by INDAUX

Thursday 23rd February

12:00.– PROMAT session. Workshop: ‘Innovations in surface treatments and finishes’. Moderator: AIDIMME

14:00.– Cooking demonstration by Whirlpool

16:00.– Workshop: ‘Tools for designing kitchens + 3D Printing in the context of kitchens’. Moderator: AIDIMME

Friday 24th February

13:00.– Cooking demonstration by Whirlpool

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