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Novelties Bora in Kitchen Space SICI 2022

BORA X BO, the flex oven: the new simplicity in the kitchen

Raubling, Germany. BORA ventilation technology GmbH, manufacturer of innovative cooking systems with built-in surface extraction, expands its range of products and in the future will also revolutionize the market for steam ovens. With the BORA X BO, BORA presents a universal genius for the kitchen. There are no longer limits to the number of possibilities for healthy cooking: steam baking brought to perfection.

The new BORA X BO revolutionizes the cooking experience and gives rise to a simplicity in the kitchen never seen before..

BORA has always been synonymous with innovative technology and proves it in its latest development. The BORA X BO is totally versatile: a combination extractor fan, steamer and oven in one appliance with integrated cleaning functions. It is a Flex oven with professional technology for the private sector. The combination of first-class professional design and easy operation guarantees pure enjoyment in the kitchen.. High-quality glass surfaces and the "black panel" effect make the steam oven an eye-catcher. Steam suction is an exclusive feature. Ensures free view and prevents steam from escaping when opening the door. Pure air guaranteed thanks to the special odor filter: an activated carbon filter with an ion exchanger layer and a particulate filter.

Multi-level LED lighting ensures a realistic and natural color perception of food when looking through the tinted front panel. The BORA X BO is operated via a touch screen 19 inches that can be folded up and has a fast reaction sensor system as well as built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. It has an intelligent pre-opening system that opens the door only once the steam has been automatically sucked in, which preserves the cooked food while saving energy.

The interior space is made entirely of stainless steel. The fully automatic cleaning program makes cleaning and care very easy and efficient.. The recyclable cleaning cartridge with a dual-chamber system has been specifically designed for cleaning the BORA X BO, which ensures a long service life.

The BORA X BO steam oven impresses with ultra-fast heat-up and absolutely consistent professional-grade cooking performance., even with all levels of the rack fully loaded. Various functions can be selected, as manual or automatic cooking, in addition to various special programs. In combination with other manual adjustment possibilities, the perfect cooking result and optimal performance can be achieved.

The unique four-point thermometer reliably determines the optimum cooking temperature. It is located in the upper part of the cooking chamber and sticks into the food to be cooked.. As soon as the food reaches the previously programmed temperature, the cooking process stops automatically.

The BORA X BO seduces with its minimalist design combined with innovative technology. This is how a hitherto unknown simplicity in the kitchen is born as well as new possibilities to prepare healthy meals easily.. Combination with the new BORA multi-drawer also possible, that perfectly completes the experience of cooking at home. This one not only heats or keeps food warm, but also can defrost or cook at low temperature. Multi-level cooking made easy.

Advantages of BORA X BO:

  • Clean Air/Free View
  • easy handling
  • Design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Maximum performance/best cooking result

BORA S Pure: a space-saving miracle with a surprising number of possibilities, now also in two new colors

Raubling, Germany. BORA ventilation technology GmbH, manufacturer of innovative cooking systems with built-in surface extraction, presents the solution for small kitchens: the new BORA S Pure completes the BORA Pure family of compact devices. It not only impresses with its elegant design, which follows the motto “form follows function”, but also for its optimal performance with the maximum use of the cooking plates. The cooktop is now also available with the inlet nozzle in the colors light gray and sunshine yellow, thus adding a total of eight different models.

BORA S Pure in additional color variants.

the cooking plate, what, with a width of 60 cm, it is totally compact, stands out for its varied possibilities. It is suitable even for the smallest kitchens, with which it solves any problem of space. BORA S Pure can also be installed in standard kitchen units, so that it can be integrated into any kitchen architecture. Thanks to the low height of 199 mm with recirculation filter already integrated, in the drawers under the hob there is plenty of space for pots. The system has four different cooking zones that accommodate all common pot sizes. By means of specially developed induction coils and an asymmetrically positioned extractor opening, the surface of the hob can be used to the maximum.

The inlet nozzle is completely flush. Thanks to the minimalist design, BORA S Pure blends perfectly into the kitchen. cooktop extractor, cooking plates and functions are regulated via a central control panel (the intuitive sControl) with a vertical touch slider. All the most important operating functions can be quickly selected with a simple touch and react optically and acoustically.

The performance of the cooktop extractor is regulated, with the automatic extraction system connected, depending on the current cooking operation, so that manual intervention can be dispensed with. Furthermore, BORA S Pure has, among other things, with a keep-warm function, a child safety device and an automatic preheating system.

Integrated drip tray safely collects both solid and liquid debris. With recirculation mode, odors are neutralized thanks to a highly efficient active carbon filter. For easy filter change, this is done from above through the inlet opening, without the need to remove drawers or baseboard moldings thanks to the innovative eSwap. Parts exposed to cooking vapors are easily removed through the wide, accessible inlet opening. So they can be cleaned in the dishwasher, where they don't take up much space.

Working, the space-saving miracle BORA S Pure is characterized by a very low noise level, even at high power levels. The reason is the optimal air conduction and the use of a quiet fan..

BORA S Pure at a glance:

  • Clean air and open view
  • easy handling
  • Easy cleaning
  • Maximum performance
  • asymmetric design

Likewise, Lapitec is incorruptible over time and does not suffer the attack of atmospheric and domestic agents.:

BORA ventilation technology GmbH, based in the German town of Raubling, in Upper Bavaria, successfully develops and markets 2007 surface extraction systems, thanks to patented technology, draw steam down. The innovative BORA Professional product lines, BORA Classic, BORA X Pure, BORA Pure, BORA S Pure and BORA Basic are sold in 60 countries around the world.

BORA's vision is "The End of Normal".; The mission, revolutionize the kitchen as a living space with extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences. The advantages of the developed patent: the systems, high quality, are more efficient than conventional hoods, very quiet, save energy and are easy to clean. For kitchen architecture, this translates into maximum freedom when projecting, plus free view.

Focusing on the kitchen as a central living space, in 2021 BORA brought a new dimension of innovative kitchen appliances to the market with the BORA X BO steam oven and the corresponding BORA multi-drawer..

The company was awarded for the first time in 2009, within the framework of the innovation contest "365 Orte im Land der Ideen" (365 places in the land of ideas). They would then follow the Deutscher Gründerpreis (German award for the best start-up company), Red Dot Awards, Plus X Awards, German Design Awards, Iconic Awards, el German Brand Award, Good Design Awards, iF Design Awards among others.

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