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Silestone® launches new minimalist sink Integrity Q

Integrity Q is designed for users who browsed the elements and details that perfect partner to create a unique cuisine with personality.

Integrity Q offers a more attractive format for presenting small curved radii at the corners, Y, like the rest of sinks Integrity by Silestone®, ensures greater hygiene and cleanliness to one of the most important areas of the kitchen.

Silestone® by Cosentino, the world's leading brand in the category of quartz surfaces, develops the new and minimalist sink Integrity Q, designed for users who browsed the elements and details that perfect partner to create a unique cuisine with personality.

With some measures 41x51x17,5 cm and his semi square, the Q model range of sinks Integrity by Silestone® is the perfect choice for lovers of geometry, offering more attractive format small curved radii It is posing in the corners.

its monolithic design, It is a three-dimensional element and made of a single piece of Silestone®, It is definitely an aspect highlighted by the feeling unity and harmony it brings the rest of the architectural ensemble.

Like the rest of Integrity sinks, Q model guarantees greater hygiene and cleanliness for one of the most important areas of the kitchen, because the sink is that place for almost all food passes before being cooked. Silestone® is the best support for this hygienic warranty thanks to the excellent properties of the material as, for example, great stain resistance, low coefficient of liquid absorption Y easy cleaning. Silestone® also offers high impact resistance and scratch that may occur in the daily work of a private kitchen and / or professional.

Integrity Q is initially available in two colors, Zeus and Calacatta White Gold, and it is ideal to combine with granite or other materials Silestone®.

Think of a sink is to think about aesthetics and functionality; Silestone Integrity Q stands for both concepts to add value to the design of a kitchen.

Sobre Silestone by Cosentino

Silestone® by Cosentino, World leader in the category of quartz surfaces, is a composite material by more than 90% natural quartz. Silestone® has a high stain resistance, impacts and scratched, and a low fluid absorption. The Silestone® surface is manufactured with innovative technology N-Boost, easy cleaning and daily maintenance and offers great color intensity and brightness. Silestone is manufactured in more than 90 colors, three textures and different formats. It is a perfect material for use in multiple applications kitchens and bathrooms, and laboratory, hospitals, Hotels, restaurants and other professional uses. Silestone® also offers an ecological series called Eco Line, It is consisting of more than 50% recycled materials.

The supermodel and businesswoman Cindy Crawford is an ambassador for Silestone® over the years 2017 Y 2018.