Technical Manual

Key dates and information

September 20 to 23, 2022

Opening hours

Exhibitors: Tuesday to Thursday from 8:30h am. to 7:00h pm. Friday 8:30 h to 6 p.m.

Visitors: Tuesday to Thursdays from 9:30 h a.m. to 7:00 h p.m. Friday from 9:30h am. to 6:00h pm.


Espacio Cocina – SICI: Level 3 Pavilion4

Habitat: Level 2 Pavilions 1, 2, 3 and 4. Level3 Pavilions 1 and 2

Home Textiles Premium: Level 3 Pavilion 3

Acces and Assembly

Feria Valencia will not be responsible for any loss during the period of assembly.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have hired free floor, keep in mind the following information about the Decoration Project and the rates for decorating companies.

Stand assembly can start on August 30th from 8:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs, only after payment of all costs of participation ( Check the working days calendar here ⇓). The assembly of the predecorated stands will start this day.

First you should collect the Assembly Passes at the Central Services Office, located on the Pavilion 6 bis. ⇓ Download
The Exhibitor Passes will be sent by e-mail to the person requesting it via this e-mail In order to do so, all payments for the stand and services must have been made and/or the corresponding receipts must have been submitted.  Download

The maximum high allowed for the stand assembly is 5m.

Vehicles entrance is allowed until 20:00 hrs on September 18th. On that day, all assembly tasks and entry of merchandise to be exhibited must be completed.

On September 19, the eve of the opening of the fair, vehicles will NOT be allowed into the fairgrounds, not will stand assembly tasks be allowed. The goods may be placed in the stand until 14:00h, the goods can be entered with a manual forklift.

The fairgrounds will be closed at 14:00 hrs and the pavilion cleaning service will continue. That day, the access will be allowed only within the established schedule, with the exhibitor or exhibitor pass. (⇓ See the calendar below ⇓).


Feria Valencia will not be responsible for any loss during the period of dismantling.

Friday September 23

From 18:15h to 22:00h

Only the identified staff with the corresponding pass is enabled to take out the goods from the stands and only using the lateral doors of the pavilions.

Vehicles will not be allowed inside the pavilions. We recommend the packaging of the goods which will not be removed from the stands immediately, as well as a person responsible for the company remains in the stand until the end of the merchandise delivery schedule.

Saturday September 24

From 8:00h to 20:00h

Vehicles are allowed to get inside the pavilions to take out the goods and the materials.

Sunday 25 to Tuesday 27 September

From 8:00h to 20:00h

The decoration of the stands will be dismantled and the waste removed.

For the exit of goods, you only have to show the exhibitor or assembly pass. An indispensable condition is to have made all the payments related to the trade fair.

The disassembly task must be completed on Friday April 8 at 20.00 hrs. and you must leave the premises completely empty and clean.
At the end of the dismantling period we will proceed to clean the pavilions, assuming that the material (boards, catalogues, platform etc.) that may remain in the stand is unusable and worthless for the owner (in this case, cleaning expenses will be generated that will be charged to the exhibitor). If your stand keeps set up, you will be charged the dismantling costs.

REMEMBER that it is completely forbidden to disassemble a stand before the closure of the trade fair.

Waste Removal

ATTENTION: new regulations on Waste Removal Service during dismantling

Upon completion of the task of dismantling of the installations, you must leave the premises in the same condition as you found it. If the exhibitor does not apply for it but rubble appears in his/her location, FERIA VALENCIA has the ability to apply the amount of the withdrawal notice thereof to the exhibitor with a 20% OF SURCHARGE. 


To Consider

The vehicles should not be parked at the loading and unloading areas (perimeter road and the inside of the pavilion). After loading or unloading the vehicles should be removed immediately.
Vehicles should not stay parked at any doorway unless for the immediate unloading.

The maximum authorized weight (MAW) for vehicles that have to gain access into the pavilions of level 3 is 30.000 kg. vehicles with an exceeded MAW will not be allowed except if the weight in Feria Valencia scale is inferior.

The maximum height for trucks to gain access to level 3 is 4,10 m.

Products with a weight higher than 1250 kg/m2: the exhibitors of level 3 should send, before September 1st, a plan of the stand in which the place of the products will be detailed with a weight higher than 1.250kg./m2, including the dimensions of these products and the total weight.

All damages to the facilities of Feria Valencia will be claimed to the exhibitor, who will be responsible for payment of such damages, even if they are caused by decorators or other persons hired by the exhibitor.

Assemby and Disassembly acces

During the assembly and disassembly of FIMMA-MADERALIA free parking for cars and vans will be enabled.

If the download is necessary, the access of these vehicles to the perimeter of the pavilions will be made prior to deposit of € 50 IN METAL, proceeding to the return of the same, if the parking does not exceed the maximum established time of 1 hour.

This deposit will also be applicable during the days of celebration for the access of catering, cleaning or maintenance vehicles, although in this case, the parking time will be 2 hours.

(Request the necessary authorization for catering vehicles from

Data for Material Shipping

Feria Valencia – Espacio Cocina – SICI
“Exhibitor’s Name”
“Location. Level, Pavilion, Stand Number”
Avda. de las Ferias, S/N.
46035 Valencia, España

In case the vehicle that brings the merchandise to the stand does not have the download system incorporated, you must first contract the service through:
MOLDTRANS. Tel.: +34 961 134 404 – E-mail: /

In addition, you may request the same company to store the merchandise and later download it at the stand, as long as you agree the date on which a responsible person will be present.


Feria Valencia will not be responsible for the merchandise deposited at the stand.